Thursday, 2 October 2008

A Baking Weekend

What could be more heavenly than a weekend that includes Brownies with Ice Cream and Cupcakes?

It all started with a trip to the Bicycle store to get my little princess a new bike. My son was at school - on a Saturday. You see, sometimes schools in Malaysia have 'Make-Up' classes for an optional or occasional holiday granted most often to lengthen the time off for the kids. As an example, the kids had the whole week off for Hari Raya when in actual fact the public holidays are only for two days. So the three days off had to be 'Made-Up' or paid back. Sometimes I explain all of this so that at least I remember how it works too!

So anway, while Michael was in school, The Lovely Wife and I took Sarah to get her a new bike. She chose the bike that then needed some minor adjustments to the brakes and training wheels. So while this was being done, we moseyed over to the new bakery next door.

We always like to try out new bakeries, especially the cakes, as its quite difficult to find bakeries that make really good cakes. The Lovely Wife and I shared a chocolate sponge ganache kind of cake that we both thought was pretty average since we both reckoned that mine was probably better. Sarah was torn between a cream eclair and cupcakes so I told her to try the eclair and if she wanted, I wuold make her cupcakes later at home. After eating the eclair, she proclaimed that my eclairs were nicer and insisted that I please make mini cupcakes when we got home.

So that was how I ended up making cupcakes on a Saturday afternoon. I made some mini vanilla cupcakes decorated with sugar sprinkles. I also made some normal sized cupcakes and spread some chocolate glaze on it. Rather tasty I must admit! Half the mini cupcakes were devoured immediately after baking them and the rest were polished off later that night when my parents, my two brothers and their families popped round for cupcakes!

The next day, the kids asked if they could have Brownies! Other than the fact that they "just felt like having brownies", they also wanted to take some to school for their break time too. How can a Daddy say no to a request from his kids? So I proceeded to make brownies on Sunday.

Later that night, I cut a large piece of brownie, zapped it in the microwave for a little bit and then placed a scoop of vanilla ice cream over it and served it to the kids. Sometimes presentation does make a difference and they were thrilled to have it served "just like in the restaurants".

I love my brownies with ice cream too and although I did make this for the kids, I am glad that they asked me to make it as I could indulge as well!!


Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Ice cream and and then Kahlua chocolate sauce on my brownie please Dharm:D

Shari said...

Nothing's better than brownies and ice cream! I love your mini cupcakes too.

maybelle's mom said...

Those mini cupcakes (and mini-Dharms) are adorable.

CECIL said...

Oh!! I remember those Saturday school days. That was not fun at all! :) You are such an awesome dad, Dharm.

Anonymous said...

Brownie and ice cream are definitely one of the best matches out there!

Anonymous said...
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Thistlemoon said...

YAY for treats! Boo to make up school! ;)

giz said...

I just made some skim milk ice cream - saved on calories (Yayyy), now I can have a brownie.... please and thank you.

fatboybakes said...

nothing like having dessert on demand eh. you must never let your kids forget what a privileged position they're in, and never take it for granted. ;) hahaha. oh, and the wife too, of course.


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