Monday, 3 March 2008

Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate Brownies are without a doubt one of my children's favourite cakes. My son used to love taking it to kindergarten for his snack time and my daughter just cant get enough! They love their brownies so much that no birthday is complete without Chocolate Brownies. It's just one of those Must Haves!

This batch of brownies was made for Sarah's 4th Birthday. Fortunately for the kids, Chocolate Brownies are not limited to birthdays. They love eating these delectable, chocolatey morsels with a bowl of ice cream, maybe with a glass of milk or simply on its own.

This is my recipe for Chocolate Brownies:

250gm butter
2 cups caster sugar
4 eggs
2 tsp vanilla
3/4 cup cocoa
1 cup flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
100g walnuts - chopped
100g chocolate chips

Melt butter and let cool. Beat melted butter with sugar till nicely combined. Add in eggs one at a time and continue to beat until creamy.
Sift flour with bakign powder. Fold into cream mixture. Add in cocoa and mix well. Stir in vanilla, nuts and choc chips. Mix well
spread into a greased and lined rectangular pan and bake in a preheated 170C oven for 40 mins or till done.

The idea of arranging the brownies in a pyramid came from the Lovely Wife. Apparently "Nigella does it this way." I'm wondering when my wife got to be on first name basis with Nigella Lawson...

These brownies are very moist and chocolatey. The crust on top is nice and crunchy too. Most people dont believe that I only use cocoa in the mix and not melted chocolate. As I said earlier, the kids love these brownies and can eat them at any time of the day. The brownies never last too long as both The Lovely Wife and I also stuff our faces with it.

I think my daughter sums up these brownies the best. While stuffing her face she will announce "Daddy, I dont Like your brownies... I LOVE them!"


Anonymous said...

I've been lurking here a while and finally decided to come out and say it "I love your blog!!!" I came via The Daily Tiffin. Good job making such delicious treats and sharing your stories. It's a habit of mine now to start the day w/a cup of coffee and your blog!

Jeena said...

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Bellini Valli said...

Woo Hoo...look at that stack of brownies Dharm. Your kids are just so lucky to have a Dad that loves to bake:D

KJ said...

Dharm these look too perfect. Gooey and chocolatey and delicious.

Patricia Scarpin said...

Dharm, these brownies look so sinful! I love how dark they are.

And about your question - I left the Daring Bakers last September. It was a decision I made after thinking it over and over again, and I think it was for the best. Tks for stopping by!

Aniza said...

hi, Dharm!
I stumbled upon yr blog while I was away fr home but still want something easy to bake. So it was your recipe came up on my search and I tried it. It turned out perfect and my boys and nephews just loved it! Thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dharm,
I found your blog through The Daily Tiffin. I live in Mumbai, India and my dad and elder brother simply love brownies. I've tried many recipes but none worked, until I tried yours. The brownies were superb! They were polished within minutes.

Thank you so much for sharing the recipe. It's definitely a keeper. I now read your blog regularly, so watch out for me, lol.

Best Regards,

Dharm said...

Its always nice to share recipes - so I'm glad that the brownies turned out well for you!

Anonymous said...

Hi...I love reading your blog. It's so interesting. I would like to try the brownies recipe you have shared but was wondering what size pan did u bake them in?


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