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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Christmas Dinner 2012 - Slow Roasted Lamb and some other stuff

As we have done for the last few years we hosted Christmas Eve dinner at our place. This year was a little different though as my In-laws only came after dinner as they wanted to have something on at their own place. No issue as that meant more food for those that did come!

This year was also a bit different in the sense that I had to prepare EVERYTHING on the 24th itself - including the chocolate cakes that I take to my parents house every year for Xmas day itself. We had spend 3 days in Langkawi celebrating my Mom-in-laws 70th birthday and only got back late on the 23rd.

No grocery shopping of any kind had been done either so early on the morning of the 24th, The Lovely Wife and I went down to the local supermarket and purchased a Leg of Lamb. She then dropped me home to start on the cakes while she went to get more groceries. We had decided to try and keep things simple and so went down the route of Roast Lamb. I wanted to roast the lamb with some mushrooms but the only mushrooms The Lovely Wife could get a hold of were these awesomely huge Portobellos so I stuffed some with Minced Beef and sliced the rest to make a Garlic Mushroom dish.

We also bought lots of bread from the local bakery and served it with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar much like they do in Italian restaurants. For the appetiser, my Mom had given us some Proscuitto and we paired that with some Honeydew.

Shaken not Stirred...

For Christmas this year I got a whole lot of cool gifts from The Lovely Wife and kids. High on the list was a brand spanking new Roasting Pan. Pity it only came out on Christmas Eve as it would have helped immensely with roasting the Leg of Lamb. No matter, coz I used another pan that was given to me for some other occasion.

Another gift I got was this lovely shaker. The kids bought me this so that I could make their favourite Iced Milo. I 'complained' that most of the gifts revolved around things that I would use to Make foodstuff for THEM to eat - so was it a gift for me or for THEM?

The answer - "But Dads, you love making things for us!" Not far from the truth at all and in all seriousness, if it makes them happy then I am happy indeed!

The shaker was really fabulous and it churned out a great Iced Milo. The kids loved it and proclaimed it one of the best Milo I have ever made for them. I've made milo in shakers before but the shaker I have for Milo is a small plastic one that still needs some stirring in another cup. This one allows the milo, hot water, milk and ice to be mixed together. The best Milo is Shaken not Stirred - much like a Bond martini!

Happy New Year Everyone!!


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