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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sarah's 6th Birthday

Im my last post, I gave you a sneak preview of the cakes I made for Sarah's 6th Birthday celebration as well as what transpired on her actual Birthday that fell on a Wednesday this year.

As is usual practice for both the kids, the family comes over for a small tea party on the Saturday following the child's birthday - unless of course the Birthday falls on a Saturday in which case we celebrate in on the actual day - and this is what happened yesterday.

Deciding what to make as a cake for my princess this year wasn't really that difficult. She has become football crazy (like her brother) and supports Arsenal (like me). Most Saturdays, both children go to the nearby park for a game of football with the neighbourhood kids and although Sarah is the smallest one there, she can hold her own.

Saturday nights she will sit and watch the football on tele and every Sunday morning she will want to know who won, who scored and what the latest standings on the English Premier League look like. Both kids also enjoy their Match Attax cards (football trading card game) and have memorised all the player stats and player names. I was initially planning on a football field with plastic goalposts and players but decided to make a jersey for her instead. Michael suggested putting the number 6 on it and I asked quite innocently "Why number six?" knowing that the current Arsenal number six is Phillipe Senderos who is on loan somewhere and definitely NOT a player that Sarah likes. Michael rolled his eyes skyward and said matter of factly. "Because she is 6 years old Dads." Ahhh... how foolish I felt.

So an Arsenal Jersey and a Football were made as the cakes for Sarah. I chose to make an Orange Chocolate Chip Cake where I just added Choc Chips and some Orange essence to my trusted Butter Cake Recipe. The design for the football got a bit messed up as I didnt measure the size of the cake to correspond with the pentagons and hexagons but at least it still looks like a football!

She actually wanted to wear her Arsenal jersey to match the cake but The Lovely Wife thought it would be better if she wore a dress. I agreed too as both the kids had worn their football jerseys for Michael's Birthday. There IS such a thing as being too football crazy...!

Before cutting the cake, she had a lot of fun playing on the trampoline. Her cousins took turns playing on it too.

There was a lot of food too that included sausages, chicken nuggets, Vadai corn chips with salsa and fried mee. There were also some Fruit Tarts that we 'hid' in the fridge as Sarah kept bugging The Lovely Wife to make her some fruit tarts!

After having our fill of fodd, it was time to cut the cake. Michael played Happy Birthday on the piano for Sarah while everyone sang along.

Time to blow out the candles and cut the cake...

She had fun cutting two cakes - first the football and then the jersey. She cut right into the number 6 - causing it to break!

She had a good time and so did all of us. I can't beleive she is already 6 years old. Time is flying by so quickly.

Sarah insisted of taking a picture of me with the cakes. She took this herself using a small compact digital that we let the kids use!



Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What a gorgeous cake! Happy Birthday to Sarah!



Deeba PAB said...

Happy Birthday sweet Sarah! You go girl!! Good dad you got, who's baked you such a special cake. Orange & chocolate chips..YUM!
Well done Dad!!

Lis said...

Happy birthday Sarah! :)

Gorgeous cakes, Dharm! Glad the day was such a great success and Sarah couldn't be any cuter if she tried! Neither can Michael for that matter :)


Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Happy Birthday to your little sweetie. They do grow ip quickly Dharm but both of your children will make you proud...they already do:D

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah! Wrong team, though. :-P

David T. Macknet said...

Happy Birthday! She looks so thrilled on that trampoline!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

hehe love the Michael Jackson!
Happy Birthday to Sarah - she looks like she had an awesome birthday and the CAKES are wows.


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