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Monday, 10 November 2008

Snow Peas and Mushrooms

Taking a break from the Sarah's BBQ series, I thought I'd post a quick and tasty dish that I made some time ago. The Lovely Wife loves snow peas and you also know how much we love mushrooms. So I reckoned that it would be a good idea to combine the two and make this dish.

It's really so simple that a recipe isnt really required. This is what I did anyway:

5 cloves garlic
200g snow peas
200g swiss brown mushrooms
2 red chillis
1 tbsp Oyster sauce - or more to taste

Chop garlic and sautee lightly. Add in brown mushrooms and cook till tender. Thrown in the snow peas and add in some oyster sauce to taste. Finally stir in the red chillies and season with a little salt if needed.

How simple can that be? It's a great dish to throw together quickly and with a minimum of fuss. Best thing is, it tastes delicious!


Thistlemoon said...

Yummy Dharm! I love snow peas and mushrooms! This looks so delicious and colorful!

Laurie said...

What a wonderful combination - so simple and tasty!

Dharm, I left a little award over at my blog for you for all your help and inspiration. Happy cooking!

giz said...

Hey!!!! I had this for dinner and then looked here and voila - I feel like I'm having it all over again and it was so good the first time :)


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