Saturday, 15 September 2007

Toblerone Almondy Cake - or the Ikea Daim Cake attempt

How many if you have seen or tried the Daim Cake sold at Ikea? It has a lovely almond base and is filled with some sort of golden custard like substance and then topped of with luscious chocolate and chopped Daim. I like this cake and I thought I would attempt to make it. Looking around for a recipe on the web yielded zilch but what I did find was a link to the company that actually produces this cake.
The company website calls the yellow layers 'Golden Buttercream' and so I thought a custardy flavoured buttercream with do the trick. I also decided to use Toblerone as a replacement for Daim since the latter is so expensive. For the base, I decided to modify my almond meringue base by adding an extra egg white and baking it a little longer.
Sounded like a good plan but all good plans sometimes go awry....! The custard buttercream I made turned out too powdery so I thought I would cook it. That didnt turn out to be such a good idea since the butter melted and produced a sticky mass that although it tasted rather nice, refused to set and stayed as a sticky, gooey mass. That's the yellow bits you see leaking out of the cake!
So what I did was to scrape off as much of the goo as I could rescue and convert my Ikea Daim cake to a Chocolate Mousse Almondy Biscuit cake with Toblerone topping!
Turned out rather delicious even if I do say so myself and the guests that partook of this second dessert at the Dinner at Restaurant Dharm went home very satisfied.

I tried to perfect the Ikea Daim Cake another TWO times and the results (together with the recipes) can be found at the links below. I think Take 3 is the best replication so far!!!
Ikea Daim Cake - Take Two (July 2008)
Ikea Daim Cake - Take 3 and Success (Feb 2009)


culinaryprincess said...

You're so creative Dharm! The cake looks so yummy i just feel like taking a big bite into it :)

Dharm said...

Thanks princess. It did turn out really well althought that wasnt the original intent! Guess that's how new recipes are made. :)

Elle said...

Better than the Ikea cake I'll bet. Great post Dharm!

BC said...

Great thinking and adapting. I would have gobbled it up too!

Deeba PAB said...

Hi Dhram...Tripped onto yr blog off Maria's. Great post by a brave chef!! I have had a few such mishaps, and have dissolved into a sea of tears many a time. Feeling of Dejavu!! :0)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I had my first taste of Daim Cake at Ikea Alexandra (Singapore) this Saturday. And I can't get it out of my mind. So I googled it and stumbled upon your site. Are you going to post the recipe?

Cheers from across the causeway!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dharm,

I've tasted this cake in Ikea and have been looking for this recipe too. Would you share your recipe since your cake looks very much like the actual one (or even better)? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

It looks perfect!!! Will you post recipe?


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