Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Starfruit Juice

One of my favourite fruits is starfruit or Carambola if you want to get scientific. Aside from eating it, there is nothing quite so refreshing as a glass of freshly squeezed starfruit juice.

Last Saturday evening, after a run around in the nearby park, we all decided to indulge in some freshly squeezed starfruit. We had already bought a whole lot of starfruit that was going cheap at the market this morning. Out came the juicer and the kids with the wife supervising whizzed away to make a batch of yummy, freshly squeezed Starfruit juice.

The kids certainly enjoyed it!


Danielle said...

Your kids are adorable! I like carambola, but it is difficult to find here.

At the holidays, I like to slice and bake it in a very low oven until it dries out a bit, then dip the slices in dark chocolate for a sweet treat.

Anonymous said...

I want those kids! Gorgeous.

Vik Venkat said...

Nice pictures! Glad to meet another starfruit fan.

Have you heard of Star Power? It might be right up your alley.

We make starfruit juice! and it's always available.


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