Monday, 31 August 2009

Today my Blog is Black

Today, the 31st of August, is Merdeka Day (Independence Day). As a Nation, we are 52 years old having obtained Independence from the British back in 1957.

52 years as a Nation means we are relatively young but there is a rot that has been allowed to set and fester and as a Loyal Citizen of this country, Malaysia, I need to know that I have at least tried to make a change for the better.

I love my country and I am proud to be a Malaysian. Because that is what I am. I am not Malay, not Chinese nor Indian nor Others - the way the Government has been classifying Malaysians of diverse background all these years. I refuse to be classified by my ethnic background. I was BORN in Malaysia and that makes me MALAYSIAN.

There have been many injustices and wrongs propagated over the years but I have always put that down to 'growing pains' and 'teething problems' and rationalised that forms of corruption and injustice happen Everywhere and Anywhere in this world.

However, just on Friday, I was sickened. Sickened that such a thing could
happen and even more sickened to see that the powers that be LET this happen.

i firmly beleive that all religions point to the same God. I prefer to look at the similarities in all religions rather than the differences. So if anyone insults or demeans, ANY religion, I take offence.

This is what happened on Friday. A religion was insulted and all those that profess that religion, by default, were also insulted. Is this not seditious? Is this not more serious than what Karpal is alleged to have said or what RPK is alleged to have said? Do acts like this not threaten the very fabric of society? Is this not a
mockery of 1Malaysia? Is this not a mockery of this nation that we all love and claim as our own?

I was even more distressed to learn about the inaction. According to some reports, police were at the 'scene of the crime' but they did nothing. Our PM has called for action but thus far there has only been talk. When a certain MP was alleged to have made statements about another religion, she was picked up under the ISA (Internal Security Act). I am totally against the ISA and do not want anyone, anytime to be
picked up under the ISA, but the silence and inaction this time is really troubling. This is definitely a case of Double Standards.

What is more troubling is the question of WHO is behind this. Is it truly a protest by a few unhappy citizens or is it something that has been orchestrated to cause unrest. The fact that this happens during the holy month of Ramadan is even more cause for concern.

I worry for my country more than I have ever worried about it before. It appears that we have not progressed in 52 years of independence but rather that we have regressed. I am disturbed that people can make such racial statements, such
provocative statements and even threats and still be allowed to get away with it. While some others are arrested and charged for stating facts.

I pray for change to come. I pray for strength to face these challenges. I pray for respect and understanding from my fellow Malaysians. We have to unite and not let a few radicals cause unrest in this beloved nation of ours. The darkness must one day turn to brightness...

I am disturbed that the voice of the people is not being fully listened to. I am disturbed that the mass media does not report fairly and without fear or favour. I am disturbed by so many more things. There is so much more to say, so much that can be done but I believe an SMS that is making its rounds sums it up pretty damn well. It goes like this...

It's your country. You deserve health, not H1N1 deaths.
Blue Sky, not yearly haze.
Safety, not police violence
Prosperity, not corruption
Freedom, Not ISA
Truth, not Utusan Malaysia
Justice, not Kangaroo Courts
Democracy, not coups
Love, not racism
Stop taking the wrongs lying down
Stop your silence
It's your country.
You have a say.
Your say is BLACK
Wear Black this Merdeka.

This is part of my say. I will wear BLACK this Merdeka and likewise, my Blog will wear BLACK too.

This is not the only thing I do, have done or will continue to do to try and make a difference. Happy Merdeka, Malaysia and I pray there will be many more - but with most of the wrongs finally righted and Power FULLY restored to the RAKYAT (people).

As the banner on the top of this blog reads, I remain, as always,



JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

*hugs* Dharm. I think the love you have for your country and the love you have for all the people that make it up, no matter the differences, culturally or by religion, is a beautiful testament.

giz said...

I applaud you for not sitting back but rather standing up to be counted as one who is against injustice and maintains respect for all man/womankind whatever their faith, creed or religion. Like minded thinkers stand with you.

marye said...

Dharm- Awesome my friend...Sadly it seems many of the world governments are heading to hell in a proverbial handbasket. Bravo for taking a stand.

maybelle's mom said...

Dharm, this was such a wonderful post. I find it very sad when people make religion and ethnicity political--it turns what makes us ourselves different into something very different.

Sharon said...

Hi Dharm, really liked your piece and am so pleased to discover that you have a blog. It's not an easy position you take, I know you've struggled with like demons for many years. Guess what? Looks like you've shouted them down. So because you've said what you've said, you've been bloody, bold and resolute, as have many other Malaysians this Merdeka, I am choosing not to wear black. I am choosing not to wear black because I celebrate all of you and your loyalty to this country -- not a government, a race, a cause, a person but this country. Am off to get my rainbow-coloured cowgirl suit...till then, this is what your post reminded me of. No-one says it like the Man in Black -- genius.

Anonymous said...

Good on you Dharm.. for having the courage to voice out I believe what's been in the hearts of many.. As it takes a spark to get a fire going.. lets pray.. and prayer moves mountains that the change will come...

Ms. Kong Piang: said...

My sentiments in many ways but I still believe that for all the misdeeds beings published, there are people within the system who work hard to ensure that justice, integrity and righteousness prevails and to these people, I say 'thank you' and 'God bless you'.

DaviMack said...

I applaud you for sticking with your country. Me, I've turned my back....

Cynthia said...

Come from a country with a diverse ethnic make up also, I totally get your points and agree.

Patricia said...

A good post, Dharm. It spoke to my heart, and said the words in my mind.


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