Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Black Pepper Beef - A Malaysian Favourite

Black Pepper Beef is a favourite dish that you find in Chinese restaurants in Malaysia. A lot of the Chinese food over here is different from what you would typically find elsewhere, primarily because it has been influence by the local spices as well as the different cultures found in Malaysia. Many restaurants serve a variant of Black Pepper Beef using Venison or even Ostrich Meat.

This dish is a perennial favourite whenever we eat out at Chinese Restuarants - especially with the kids. The only problem with eating out at these restuarants is, more often than not, a lot of MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate - a taste enhancer) is added. Although the food is delicious, it kind of leaves a dry feeling in your mouth and well, anything that acts as a food enhancer cant be very good for you can it!

I didn't buy a whole lot of beef as I actually had something else in mind to make which I just didnt have the time to do. So in order to make sure that the beef was used fresh, I decided on Black Pepper Beef. This is what I did.

250g beef sirloin or other lean cut
1 inch ginger
1 clove garlic
1 tsp dark soy sauce
Loads of black pepper

Slice the beef into thin strips.Chop the garlic and slice the ginger into thin strips. Sautee the ginger and garlic and then add in lots and lots of freshly cracked black pepper. Add the beef and cook well before adding the dark soy sauce and a little bit of water. Allow to simmer till meat is nice and tender. Garnish with chopped red chillies.

I must say it turned out very well inded! I served it on a bed of lettuce, much like how they do it in the restaurants. Everyone loved it, especially the kids, so I guess this will become yet another favourite at home!


glamah16 said...

Oh this looks so good.I think it could stand alone without msg. A lot of places here dont use it any more.

Bellini Valli said...

This does sound good Dhartm. If you came to Canada you would find Canadian Chinese food in most of the restaurants as well. I think all restaurants have to cater to what is available and the tastes of its patrons. That is why in Greece Mcdonalds serves Greek salad and roasted potatoes..I am sure there are differences in other countries as well.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

I love this dish and remember having it in Malaysia. When I came back to New England and ordered it in a restaurant, it was completely different. Yours looks like the wonderful version I remember.

Christina said...

That sounds incredibly good! I'm definitely putting it on my list of recipes to make.

As for the MSG, which they say imparts an umami taste, I add a tiny bit of either oyster sauce or fish sauce to savory foods and I find that it really enhances the taste.

DaviMack said...

It looks wonderful! Oh, if only we ate meat! We'll have to see if we can find an adequate substitute!

marye said...

Mmm Dharm..awesome! I think we have had ostrich meat here...just once.

Naomi said...

hi, as I mentioned to you earlier, I searched your website for some ideas for dinner tonight.
I am going to try this.
(Is this asking permission or am I just stealing this recipe) Anyway I'll be back with the results.

Naomi said...

I have tried this twice now.

I added a few ingredients - red peppers and spring onions, but only in the end to give it colour and to add vegetables to the dish. I did this on both occasions I dont think it spoilt the essence of your dish.

The first time, I dont think the heat was high enough. And it was just Nathan and me eating it - no independent voice.

The second time, I added sake (instead of chinese wine) and potato starch (which I thought was corn starch when I bought it) to the marinade and cooked it on a higher heat. Overall that added to the caramilisation of the meat and the vegetables lessened the caramilesation

Stephen actually commented on the dish. He doesnt always (being my recipes) but he liked it and I think it turned out much better cooked on the high heat.

Great recipe. thanks. I will do it again


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