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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Dinner for Eight (plus one)

Last Saturday, we had a few friends over for dinner - 3 couples to be exact. 3 times two equals 6. Add in The Lovely Wife and myself and that makes Eight. The plus one is for my little princess. My son had a birthday party that night so he didn't partake of the food. He did help out with the tasting though and came back just in time for dessert!

So what did I make? As usual, The Lovely Wife and I tossed up the menu. She suggested going down the trail of tried and tested but as usual, I wanted to push myself. I also wanted to have something that I could update on this blog!

We decided we would make a few starters. That way, we could chat and munch and munch and chat and throw in a few drinks at the same time! The Lovely Wife decided she wanted to throw together a delightful Sangria and I must say that it was very well received.

So, for appetisers, I decided on Bacon Wrapped Apricots. This was followed by Nachos although I used chicken instead of beef. Leek, Spinach and Mushroom Quiche followed up before we moved to the Dining Table for the main meal.

For the Main, I whipped up my version of a Karniyarik - a Turkish based recipe with Eggplant and Minced Lamb. The Lovely Wife tossed together a lovely Greek Salad and we served the main with Rice as well as loads of bread.

Finally, the dessert. I made an original dessert that I'd like to call Le Snick Snack. Its basically a dessert based on a Snickers bar - chocolate, caramel and peanuts.

I'll post the recipes in due course together with the photos. It's always difficult to take photos while guests are around so I apologise in advance if the photos arent quite as detailed as I would like!

Stay tuned!

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