Saturday, 9 August 2008

In preparation of...

Can you keep a secret? Tomorrow is the Lovely Wife's birthday. Good thing she doesn't read this blog, coz then she'd know what I was doing. I'd actually like to know how many of your spouses read your blogs?! Doesn't really matter though, but back to the birthday. Truth be told though, she would probably know what I was making her by this afternoon anyway as how do you bake a secret cake for your wife when she lives in the same house?

She's gone grocery shopping with the kids now so I've already made the white cake - I used Dories Perfect Party Cake Recipe that I first made for the March Daring Bakers Challenge. I plan to use that as the base for a Boozy Trifle Cake. Thats my plan.

You see, The Lovely Wife simply adores trifle. My trifle in particular. Whenever I make trifle for her, she gets all doe eyed and goes on and on about how much she loves my trifle. Then she starts berating me for making trifle as "it goes straight to my hips!" Then she immediately asks for another bowl. I think you get the idea - she loves my trifle!

So... the plan is, to make her a cake in the guise of a cake but a cake that is actually a trifle. Laden with Booze. So a Boozy Trifle Cake.

I've also made the pastry cream or Creme Patissierie. Usually when I make my trifle I used Custard Powder. Not today though. Today its a full blown Creme Patissierie. Are you impressed? I bloody well am!

That's not the end of it though. This time I used - wait for it - Vanilla. Aren't you excited? Oh. You don't quite see the significance. I used VANILLA!!! As in the pod and bean and NOT essence! First time ever I have used the vanilla bean and not essence. First time I've managed to get my grubby hands on Vanilla. Feels good to say Vanilla and not be referring to the essence!

Anyway, would love to stay and chat, but I've got to go to the supermarket and get some Cream and almonds. Talk to you later!


Jennywenny said...

My husband never reads my blog! He says he gets the live version!

I'm very excited to see your trifle cake tomorrow, please show us what you made soon!

Happy birthday to your wife...

~nm said...

Birthday wishes to your wifey dear!

Eagerly waiting to see the trifle pics!

And yeah, my hubby also doesn't read mine :)

Di said...

I hope we get to see pictures of the finished cake! Sounds yummy. My husband does read my blog, and lets me know if I've got new comments. =)

glamah16 said...

My CS reads my blog, but more so to snop to see what I have been up to as hes away a lot.Or if I say something about him.
I cant wait to see the trifle for your wife. I havea trifle siah that has never been used, so perhaps you will inspire me!


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