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Monday, 16 June 2008

I Love You Daddy Cookies

Father's Day was celebrated in Malaysia on Sunday, 15th June. My son and daughter made me a batch of cookies that my daughter calls "I love you Daddy Cookies." She learnt the recipe from her kindergarten and actually made a batch in kindy for Mother's day back in May = although when she made them for Mother's Day, they were called I Love You Mummy Cookies....

Both the kids with the help of The Lovely Wife surprised me with these cookies. I was taking an afternoon nap on Saturday thinking that the kids were napping with Mummy too. When I woke up a short while later, I heard some noise downstairs and realised that everyone was awake.

I went downstairs and as soon as the Kids saw me coming downstairs, they looked at the Lovely Wife and broke out in smiles. I new something was up when they all started giggling as I went to the kithcen to get some water. As I opened the fridge, I saw two plates of these cookies inside!

What a wonderful gift for me! This is the recipe (as explained by my daughter who also insists the recipe is hers!). There are no real measurements as you just need to estimate everything.

Corn Flakes
Almond nibs
Chocolate Sprinkles
Heart Shaped Candy Sprinkles

Crush the corn flakes in a bag, Put into a bowl. Cut the almonds and add into the bowl. Add the raisins and chocolate sprinkles. Mix Well. Put the chocolate in the microwave and melt till it becomes gooey and hot. Mix the chocolate into the bowl and mix everything together. Scoop the whole thing into small cupcake cases. Then put the heart sprinkles all over on top. Put into the fridge to set. So easy!

Yes! That's the way my darling princess explained it to me. According to her, you also MUST have heart shaped sprinkles because the cookies are "for people you love, so you need to have heart shaped sprinkles." Both she and her brother made the cookies and I must say they were indeed delicious!

Thank you so much for my lovely Father's Day Cookies!


Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Aren't you the lucky dad Dharm:D...in more ways than one:D

Nikki @ NikSnacks said...

Val is right. You are a lucky one. Happy belated Father's Day to you!

Thistlemoon said...

Happy Father's Day to you Dharm! I love those cookies! :)

giz said...

What thoughtful (not to mention adorable) kids. They not only got you something, they made it, and it's something they know you'll appreciate. Wonderful


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