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Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Pomegranate Shots

Of all the celebrity chefs and cooking shows out there, I think I like Jamie Oliver the best. I like his cooking style and I also like his easy going attitude. The lovely wife likes him too and she loves his cookbooks.

There has been one recipe that she has been dying to try out and it's not something you cook. It's a beverage - and an alcoholic beverage at that. Now normally, I prefer to take charge of the drinks myself but she was so bent on serving this that I decided to humour her. Actually, I was pretty intrigued with it myself but was just too macho to admit it!

Jamie (yeah, both my wife and I are on first name basis with Mr Oliver!) had mentioned in his book that this beverage was supposed to be a palate cleanser so the lovely wife decided she would serve it as exactly that at our dinner party. Right before I served dessert.

It's actually rather easy to make. Place a bottle of Gin in the freezer to chill. The gin wont freeze due to the alcohol content.

Place 6 shot glasses (or one for each guest) in the freezer as well.

Peel some pomegranates and remove the purple-reddish seeds or capsules from inside. Fill the shot glass with pomegranate seeds,

pour in the ice cold gin and shoot the cocktail back. Keep the liquid in your mouth and dont swallow until you've chewed up the pomegranate seeds. You'll get a burst of flavour and then swallow the lot down.

Very nice actually although I think my wife overdid it with the gin. I'd have preferred half a shot of gin rather than the full shot. Our guests enjoyed it though and some had seconds.

Could that perhaps be a reason why they enjoyed dessert so much after??!!


Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Jamie is my favourite host on the Food Network at the moment. The pomegranate shots certainly sound intriguing. No possibility of getting little red stains on your clothes from stray seeds.

Unknown said...

Hi! It's my first time coming across your food blog. I just joined the Foodie Blogroll myself. This looks like an interesting drink that's fun to try!

Anonymous said...

where did you get those shot glasses? those are wonderful!


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