Thursday, 19 March 2009

The Salami doth make the difference...

I know I've posted about a Spicy Salami Pasta before although I named it with a fancy Italian sounding name.

This version is a little different too because unlike what I did before, I didn't 'adulterate' the salami with tomatoes or capsicum this time. I did however, add in some mushrooms. The biggest taste differentiator however is the quality of the Salami. This salami was really spicy, a lot more meaty and I definitely used a whole lot more than the last time! It's true that quality ingredients give you a better tasting meal and this Salami was really top notch!

I made this dish just last weekend when some good friends,Balan and Mae, who have since migrated to Melbourne, came over for a visit. We had originally invited them over for dinner but we had to change it to lunch. Another good friend, Lynn, who also knows Balan and Mae well came over too.

Since it was lunch, I kept it fairly simple by just making this pasta together with my Swedish Meatballs. The Lovely Wife had actually bought a bottle of Lingonberry Jam from Ikea and our guests actually thought the meatballs were from Ikea!

The Salami was some that The Lovely Wife's brother had brought back for us from his recent trip to Melbourne. It was really spicy and covered in chilli flakes so there was really no need to add more chilli.

I simply chopped up the salami into strips, sliced some mushrooms, fried them all together with a little oregano and basil and then tossed the whole thing together with spaghetti. What could be simpler??!!

Taste wise, it was pretty darn awesome or as some of my blogging buddies like to say, Pretty Dharm Awesome! Ha Ha!

I'm submitting this to Presto Pasta Nights created by my friend Ruth at Once Upon a Feast and hosted this week by Pam at Side Walk Shoes.


Bellini Valli said...

I agree that this looks so Dharm good:D

Pam said...

Thanks for your entry! I've made a pasta with salami in the past, I love it!

Ruth Daniels said...

I only have one word...AWESOME! What a perfect dish for the meat lovers (that would be me and my husband! big time.) Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

The Food Hunter said...

This looks awesome. I love the idea of using salami.


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