Friday, 27 June 2008

Breakfast for lunch?

My daughter is a great fan of Scrambled Eggs. It all started some time ago when we had gone out grocery shopping rather early, both she and my son were famished so to acquiesce their hunger, we had a late breakfast at Coffee Bean. We ordered the Scrambled Eggs with Salmon for her and my son to share and they really enjoyed it. So…Daddy of course had to do it better!

As a child, I was never treated to such a nice breakfast. My childhood memories of breakfast are still very clear in my mind. Each morning, mum would serve us each a half-boiled egg and a glass of milk or Milo. Sometimes, especially on weekends, there would be a treat of cereal. What I really hated about breakfast though was the fact that we had to take one cod liver oil tablet right after. I would end up burping just as I got to school and the nasty taste of cod liver oil would linger in my mouth until recess!

To be fair though the kids usually have have cereal or bread for breakfast. Scrambled Eggs with Salmon is definitely not the norm! My daughter likes her scrambled eggs so much that one day, when we were at home and wondering what to have for lunch, she asked if we could have Scrambled Eggs. No issue there but to spruce the meal up a bit, I decided to pop down to the local super and get a teeny bit of smoked salmon as well as some mushrooms.

So lunch that day was scrambled eggs with salmon, a side of garlic mushrooms and toasted bread. I dont think I need to give you a recipe for scrambled eggs but if you insist, this is how I make my eggs. 2 eggs per serving.

2 eggs
a little milk
a little oil or butter

Beat the eggs with the milk. The milk makes the eggs a little lighter and fluffier. Season with a little salt and pepper and if you like some herbs like oregano, basil or rosemary. Heat oil or butter in a pan and pour the egg mixture in. Allow the bottom to cook a little and then stir the mixture, scraping the bottom and lifting with a spatula. The liquid egg will then run under the lifted part lifted. Keep moving the egg around as you repeat the scraping and lifiting. The egg will start to form curds. Depending on whether you like your scrambled eggs moist or dry and also depending on whether you prefer the curds small or large will determine how long you cook the eggs for.

Some people may thumb their noses at having scrambled eggs with salmon for lunch.
To me, as long as the food is good and wholesome, it doesn't matter if you eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner - Especially when the children love it!


Bellini Valli said...

Your kids will have nothing but wonderful food memories..and then you can spoil the grandkids:D

breadchick said...

Dharm, there is nothing better in this world than scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. Your kids will remember their breakfasts and lunches for their entire life.

Nikki Miller-Ka said...

Yum! So many Saturday mornings and late evenings my mom made salmon and eggs for me. They'd use canned salmon and chop or slice up onions to scramble with the eggs. Grits were cooked and bread toasted. I'm glad to see my family is not the only one!

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

I love scrambled eggs too! Sometimes I have them for dinner or lunch too - eggs are just packed with protein and keeps you going all day! Your kids are so lucky to have such a great daddy to feed them such yummy things!

Paula said...

Love eggs for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks! You are creating such great memories (and meals!) for your kids! Bravo!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Breakfast lunch or dinner. And infact Dharm I think you just solved my dinner question for the night! Excellent.

jasmine said...

Breakfast is good any time of day :)


glamah16 said...

Thats the best lunch, brucnh, whatever!Even better with a grown up glass of champagne:-)Your children have excellent taste.


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