Monday, 19 May 2008

While Mummy is away, Daddy will Play... Chocolate Roasted Bananas

While Mummy is away, Daddy will Play! Not quite as exciting as it sounds but still a lot of fun! It's nice having the kids to myself and we do a lot of fun stuff together. I take the opportunity to cook extra special stuff for them as well.

The Lovely Wife was away on Friday and was expected back late Saturday evening so early on Saturday morning, we decided what we were going to have for lunch and then headed off to the Supermarket to get the groceries. I went a little overboard with lunch and dessert that day which is why this 'topic' will be covered in three separate posts!

Starting off with the easiest dish that I made that day - Roasted Banana's with Chocolate. I had eaten this many years ago as a student in Australia. What I remember was banana's being halved and then stuffed with chocolate chips before being wrapped in aluminium foil. The foil was then left to 'bake' on the Barbecue while the meat was devoured. Then the foil would be opened up to reveal lovely gooey banana with melted chocolate. It was sinfully delicious.

I did something similar. I peeled two banana's, split then lengthwise and then sandwhiched the two halves with good quality dark chocolate before wrapping them in foil. I put the foil wrapped bananas in a 190C oven for about 20 mins.

I loved the flavours of the melted chocolate and soft banana. I used an almost ripe banana so it wasn't too sweet and didn't get too gooey. The kids loved it and they had great fun opening the foil package to reveal the bananas covered in chocolate.

The only thing I would do differently is maybe not split the banana completely and then stuff the chocolate inside - rather than sandwiching it between two split halves.

A great dessert and so easy to do. Oh, and probably I'd serve it with ice cream and some nuts next time for a baked Banana Split! Now that's an idea worth trying!!

Look out for the next two 'editions' of While Mummy is Away...


Bellini Valli said...

I have had this before Dharm. Such a quick and easy dessert that the kids can help with and the best part of all no clean-up:D

glamah16 said...

I have never heard of this and yet its so simple. What a quick and easy dessrt . And mnus a few unnecceary calories.Just banana and a smidge of chcoco.
I bet the kids are having a field day with you and Mummy will have to be the stern one when she returns.

Cynthia said...

Bad daddy! :) Love daddy! :)

Judy @ No Fear Entertaining said...

We use to do that when I was young at the cottage! What a great memory you have awakened!

Ruth Elkin said...

You must be the coolest dad ever (except my own lol). I love chocolate bananas.... love the flavour of them from the BBQ


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