Sunday, 4 May 2008

Stir Fried Snow Peas

One of the things I like most about Chinese food is the vegetables. They are always still crunchy and just lightly flavoured, allowing you to taste the true flavour of the veges. Granted, some vege dishes are doused in sauce but not this one. The other thing that is really great about making Chinese Vege dishes is how easy they are and how quick they are to whip up!

Snow Peas with Garlic is absolutely simple and quick to make. It doesnt require a recipe coz its simply tossing in a bit of this and a bit of that. Well, actually, a load of garlic and a dash of Oyster Sauce. Thats it!

Cut or chop the garlic and fry it with a little sesame oil or vegetable oil/corn oil/peanut oil. Add in the snow peas and quickly stir fry before tossing in some Oyster sauce. Add some salt and pepper too if you like.
Try not to overcook the snow peas or they could become a little limp.

See? What could be more simple!


jasmine said...

Simple is usually better than complex--and I find much more satisfying.

These look delicious.


glamah16 said...

Garlic and Oyester Sauce?! Oh Yeah!

Rachel said...

Simple yet wonderful flavours...

Deborah said...

I like anything with garlic, but these seem especially delicious!


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