Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Daily Tiffin - Outshining Mommy

Being a Dad is never easy. Kids always seem to prefer their Mom. I suppose I can understand that in some ways. After all, I’m the one that is the disciplinarian. I’m the one that does all the nasty things like pointing to the corner and telling them to go stand there. How many of you remember the old cartoon series Wait till your father gets home? Yeah, some things never change. My Lovely Wife, although playing a large role in disciplining the kids, still leaves the bulk of it to me and the phrase “Shall I tell Daddy what you did?” is often the trick in getting the children to behave.

There is one thing however where I will always outshine Mommy. And it's NOT cooking coz the Lovely Wife is a fabulous cook too. Too see what it is that I do best, read my article over at The Daily Tiffin!


The Imaginary Invalid. said...

Hello Dharm,

I found your post on Daily Tiffin nostalgic! It invoked pleasant memories from my chilhood (not that it wasn't very far away, my 20th b'day being just days away).

I remember when I was small enough for my father to carry me high (for as high as he could stretch his arms)in the air, and pretend I was an aeroplane. Boy, were those erratic flight routes!

I am a Singaporean currently studying in Brisbane and am really enjoying your delicious posts.

Keep at it!

glamah16 said...

Im going to sy it again , you are the best Dad. Not everyone is so luckyto have a amazing Dad like you. I mean you even bake cakes!

Judy @ No Fear Entertaining said...

Great article. My husband and I are very similar to how you and your wife are. He is definately more physical with the girls. I will read to them or play a game but he would do something much more physical like "the boat". Funny huh?

Bellini Valli said...

My own daughter and I had such a great time together. She is 21 now so maybe I have to look forward to grandchildren:D

toontz said...

I loved playing the boat with my kids. Only we had an added horror...sharks in the water! That really got the screaming going, lol!

KJ said...

Hi Dharm, I play games like this with my niece and nephew. We laugh our heads off, it's great.

I've tagged you for a meme. Feel free to participate or not, I won't mind.


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