Friday, 3 August 2007

Meat, Mushrooms and Chocolate....!

What more could you really ask for in a meal? All three of my favourite kinds of food - Meat, Mushrooms and Chocolate. Of course we had to throw in a salad to ensure some fibre but that's beside the point!
This meal was cooked up on the 28th of July when we had my Aunty Ariam over for dinner. Genealogically speaking, she is actually my fathers cousin so that would make her my Second Cousin rather than my Aunt - if I understand genealogy correctly. Regardless, in my family (and generally everywhere in Asia) if there is a relative that is older than you, they automatically become an aunt or uncle. Heck, we are so respectful that even a stranger you meet on the road is called an Aunty or Uncle, or Big Brother, Grandfather or whatever.... its kind of nice really. But I digress. This is supposed to be about food and not about respecting our elders or about Social graces - although social graces do play an important role in eating.... but I digress again.

So anyway. What to cook for my Aunt and her son? (He would be my cousin - or Second Cousin Once Removed - if we get back to the genealogy thing - but enough of that!)

I decided I was going to start off with Stuffed Mushrooms

I personally love mushrooms in any form and I've often made stuffed mushrooms. Everyone seems to love them so I though that was a sure bet. For the main meal, I decided on Turkish Style Lamb Sausages.

To add some substance and also to soak up the sauce, I thought I'd serve the sausages with some Herbed Rice.
A leafy salad would be thrown together too for the obligatory fibre. And finally for dessert, I tossed up between Tiramisu and Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake.

I decided on the Choc Mousse Cake primarily because I know my Aunt loves anything Chocolate. I was also craving a chocolate fix. The deciding factor was when my little princess asked if I could make her my chocolate mousse cake!

I had a great time with this dinner and everyone enjoyed it. My wife said that I outdid myself with the cake and both my kids absolutely loved it. With reviews like that, I'm a happy, happy man.....!


Patricia Scarpin said...

Dharm, you are a wonderful cook and a baker - such a delicious meal!
My husband is crazy about meat, too.

The cake is luscious.

Laviinia said...

*Pulls an unhappy face*

May this second cousin twice removed please have such a cook-up when I am down in Nov?


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