Sunday, 22 July 2007

Chicken Rice

Finally, I'm going Asian!! In Malaysia, this is one of the most popular dishes for lunch and even dinner and sometimes breakfast! Chicken Rice that you get at the hawker centres or stalls is usually made with either Steamed or Roasted Chicken. The secret to the great taste is that the rice is cooked in chicken stock. It goes really well with Bean Sprouts as well. Oh, and it is usually eaten with lots of ground chilli and ginger!
This is my wife's version of this great dish and she adds bean curd to the bean sprouts to make it a more wholesome and nutritious meal. She doesnt roast or steam the chicken either but rather boils it together with some tomatoes, carrots and some spices. Once the chicken is cooked, she uses the broth in place of water to cook the rice.
A rather simple dish to make and yet so, so tasty!

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