Saturday, 2 March 2013

Sausage Rolls

I've always liked sausage rolls. In my time as a student in Oz, Sausage Rolls were always a keen snack or even a meal. It didn't quite rank in the heights of a good old 'Four n Twenty Aussie Meat Pie' or a 'Burger with the Lot' or even just a simple Rissole but they were good anyway.

The Lovely Wife took a fancy to Sausage Rolls when she was on a short trip to Sydney back in early 2012 - yes, this post is quite late. If I recall correctly, she enjoyed the sausage rolls so much that she had them for every second meal!

I've made sausage rolls before - or actually The Lovely Wife has! That time, we only used sausages but this time, to make it a little more meaty and a little more Aussie, I combined the sausage meat with minced meat.

The other 'problem' that you get in Malaysia is that you cant really find sausages where you can just remove the meat from the casings. Usually the sausages you get here are the processed kind found in supermarkets. The better ones with casings are just too darned expensive and would be a waste to use in sausage rolls.

For this version, I just whizzed some sausages in the food processer till the meat as finely ground and then kneaded together with the minced beef till it was smooth. This is what I did:

Sausage Rolls
6 good quality sausages
300g minced beef
Black Pepper
2 tsp oregano
3 sheets puff pastry
1 egg - beaten

Process the sausages till fine. Mix together with the beef, black pepper and oregano till smooth. Cut each sheet of puff pastry into 3 equal lengths. Roll the meat mixture with your hands to form a long sausage. Place on the cut puff pastry and roll over to form a cylinder. Seal the edges. Repeat with other lenghts of puff pastry. Cut into desired length for the sausage rolls. using a pastry brush, egg wash the tops of the sausage rolls. Bake in a preheated 220C oven for about 20 mins or till nicely puffed up and meat is cooked. Serve with Tomato sauce.

The Sausage Rolls turned out really, really well. I as a little concerned that the meat may not cook enough but there was no problem there. The filling was delicious with the great taste of sausage but with enough meat to provide it firmness and bite.

Just like days of old, I told The Lovely Wife and kids to eat the sausage rolls slathered in lots of tomato sauce. It certainly brought back a lot of memories for me. As for The Lovely Wife, she said that these sausage rolls, although not as good as the ones she had eaten in Sydney, were still tasty. I was just happy to see her happily devouring them. In my mind, I said to myself, "Ah McCain. You've done it again!"


bellini said...

I love a good sausage roll too Dharm.

Chriskoh said...

Hi, thanks for the recipe. Looks easy for me to follow as a beginner in the kitchen. Is the egg for mixture or only to brush on the pastry skin? Can I do without the sausage? Thanks!

Dharm said...

Hi Chris
The egg is only to brush on the pastry before cooking so it has a nice glaze. Of course you can just use mince and not the sausage if you like. You can fill the pastry with whatever you like really.

Dalshna said...

You make me miss my uni life in Adelaide! Your food and the stories with each Aussie inspired blog bring back so many fond memories!! Especially these sausage rolls. I would have them every 2nd meal too. And the 'ahh McCain you've done it again'...that literally brought tears to my eyes... Thank you so much for sharing your recipes and stories with us. God bless you.


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