Monday, 21 February 2011

A Princess turns 7 (with lots of pictures...)

My little Princess turned 7 on the 17th February. As per usual practice with both the kids, we hid her presents under her bed before waking her up. We sang Happy Birthday and although sitll groggy and half asleep, she slipped off the bed to check out what loot there was under the bed.

Regular followers of my blog will know that my little princess is not your typical princess. She doesn't like Barbie or any other dolls, she hates dressing up and she loves Football - that's why she had a Football themed Cake last year. She also loves NERF guns and so we got her a NERF Dart Tag set in addition to a few other smaller presents.

She was rather delighted with the NERF Dart Tag set and couldnt wait to try it out. The set comes with a small NERF gun and a target board - like a dart board. It also comes with a pair of glasses that they call "Vision Gear".

Sarah was quite specific in how she wanted to spend her birthday. Firstly, even
though it was a school day, she asked that both The Lovely Wife and I take leave from work so that we could pick her from school and then go for lunch.

Secondly, she requested a gathering of the extended family for a small dinner on Thursday night. This was compounded by the fact that we had a Wedding Reception on the following Saturday (19th) where we would usually have had a birthday celebration. So, seeing that we couldnt celebrate her birthday on Saturday, we agreed to invite everyone over on Thursday, her actual birthday.

Thirdly, Sarah knew exactly what she wanted for the meal. She wanted a Hot Dog party!

We served the sausages with with Hot Dog buns, relish, tomato sauce and mustard, rather yummy. But with about 17 people to feed, Hot Dogs weren't enough! The Lovely Wife wizzed up her version of the California Pizza Kitchen BBQ Chicken Salad, (something she has made before and I thought I had posted about but looks like I didnt - so look out for it!) that was indeed delicious.

Together with my Mother-in-Law, The Lovely Wife also whipped up a dish of Fried Noodles.

My mom had also ordered some Chicken Curry Puffs.

So indeed, there was rather a lot of food!

After indulging in the food, Sarah cut her cake. As I said in my previous post, this time around, Sarah wanted a Dessert Cake and not an iced and decorated cake. She was also quite specific that she wanted me to try and replicate the Fridays Mocha Mud Pie. She insisted on wearing her Vision Gear to cut the cake but I later insisted she take it off so that we had a nice picture of her! (see previous post)

She also wanted The Lovely Wife's Fruit Tarts with grapes and strawberries

and of course the Birthday Cake,

It was certainly a lot of work getting everything ready but then that's what Mummy's and Daddy's are for! All our guests enjoyed the birthday dinner and most importantly, My litte princess was very, very happy!

Happy 7th Birthday Sarah!


bellini valli said...

Your little princess is certainly growing up fast Dharm. My own little girl went through many stages from tomboy to "girlie girl". Happy birthday once again little Princess!!!!

Betty Ray said...

Happy birthday Sarah! I have a 7 year old Sarah as well. The hot dog party looks fun.

Foodycat said...

What a wonderful celebration! I want a hot dog party for my birthday now too!

Elle said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! Fab birthdy Dharm. Will look for that BBQ chicken salad recipe. You did a wonderful job with it all, but the cake is especially great. Now I want a hot dog party just for fun!

Jenn @leftoverqueen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!!!!! So grown up! I love all the components of her party! Sounds like a great time, indeed! Give her a big hug from Roberto and I!


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