Tuesday, 2 December 2008

BloggerAid - let's make a difference

One of the things I love about blogging is the people you meet. I have met so many wonderful people through Food Blogging and made some great friends. It doesnt matter that we have never met in person, we have become a part of each other's lives and we look forward to their posts, leaving comments on their blogs and receiving comments too.

You realise after a while that some of these friends are extra special. They go the extra mile and try to make things right in the world. This is what my friends Giz and Psychgrad of Equal Opportunity Kitchen,
Val of More than Burnt Toast
and Ivy of Kopiaste have done. They've created a network of bloggers to try and help alleviate world hunger. This network is called BloggerAid, and has a tagline of Bloggers Uniting to Aid in the Alleviation of Hunger.

In a nutshell, this is what BloggerAid is about:

We are a growing group of international food bloggers determined to make a difference in aid of world famine. The love of food and community that brings us together drives the compassion of its members to reach out to our world to help those less fortunate than we are. Banded by a mission of helping to make a change in a world where starvation affects such a profound number of people, we will raise money and awareness for the hungry in communities both at home and abroad.

Indeed a very noble cause and I am so very honoured that they asked me to join this group. This post is long overdue but today, I start to wear my BloggerAid badge with pride...


Bellini Valli said...

Dharm I am very touched by your kind words. It is people like you who can make a difference in this world. You are also right about the blogging community. It is filled with caring people who touch our hearts everyday. We become a part of their lives, their accomplishements and their joys:D Thank you:D

Gloria Chadwick said...

Hi Dharm, Thanks for blogging about BloggerAid. It really helps to raise awareness for a very worthy cause.

Ivy said...

Dharm, we are greatly honoured to have you as one of our Members. Even though we don't know each other personally I have come to know you from Jenn's Forum and from other friends' blog. I think that the character of each person comes out one way or another. Thank you for joining.

giz said...

You're the best Dharm!! We ARE going to make a difference. We were just lucky enough to be born into a food stable life (note, I didn't include emotional stability in here ..ha ha) It's our duty to help those less fortunate.


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