Friday, 7 March 2008

Lime Freeze or is it a Lime Slurpee...

My son was reading one of his books the other day and apparently there was some sort of instructions on how to make lime juice. This became his 'flavour du jour' and he kept telling everyone how to make lime juice.

Coincidentally, I had dug up an old Ice Crusher and had been making the kids Ice Blended Chocolate and Ice Blended Ribena drinks the preceding two days.

It seemed like a good idea then to carry on using the Ice Crusher to make a Lime Freeze or Lime Slurpee. Remember the Slurpees you used to enjoy (or maybe still do?) at 7-11?

We bought a bunch of limes at the market and a bag of ice from the nearby store. The kids got involved in squeezing the juice from the limes and I taught them the well known trick of pressing the lime down on the table while rolling them prior to cutting to get more juice out. You didnt know that? Well now you do!

They had a ball of a time trying to squeeze all the juice out. They thought it was hilarious when the lime slipped out of my hand as I was trying to squeeze out the last bits of juice and the cut half ended up in my shirt pocket. Lots of fun really!

I mixed up a sugar syrup with some hot water and added it to the lime juice. Then I whizzed up lots of ice till it was crushed and added in the juice and syrup to make a sludgy mix. Not as finely crushed as the Slurpees but all 100% fresh with no additives.

The kids loved it. Absolutely. You wont believe that these are two kids that just love sourish, citrus tastes. They even sucked on the lime slice that I used as garnish!

Note: Unfortunately after using my Ice Crusher repeatedly for a few weeks, the darn thing broke! That's what happens when you don't use an appliance for over 5 years and then suddenly use it continously. Now I have to go try and find another contraption as the kids just love their ice blended drinks too much.


Rachel said...

This looks really good!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

A good blender can handle the ice, and comes in handy for other tasks as well. Looks like the kids are great sous chefs!

DaviMack said...

I wish it were warm enough here to drink such things!

Regarding the demise of your blender: I suggest an industrial immersion blender - it'd be cheaper than a regular blender, has fewer parts, is easier to clean, is more powerful, and can be used for lots of other things. It's the one appliance we purchased when we moved from the US to the UK. :)

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Bellini Valli said...

I would just love to be sipping on one of these during our hot summers:D Glad the kids got into making them as well. You have some budding chefs there:D

jasmine said...

I love homemade lime aides and slushies. Something to think about as I stare at the 15" of snow that fell last night...



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