Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Daily Tiffin - Decorating Cakes

In this episode of the Daily Tiffin I try to explain how to decorate cakes - more specifically, Birthday Cakes!

I share with you my experiences in decorating the Birthday Cakes that I've made for my children together with photographs. It's really not all that difficult and once you've practiced a few times, you sort of get the hang of it!

Each cake in the montage above can be seen in more detail, complete with an explanation of how it was done, when you read the full article over at the Daily Tiffin!


glamah16 said...

My cake decorating skills have been dormant for a few months. This weekend I have assigment for a teenager. So I will read the article to glean some techniques and inspiration.

Bellini Valli said...

When my daughter was young I used to make all kinds of cakes. Teddy Bears, Hula girls, swimming pools...some day I may send you siome photos if I scan was before the digital camera after all :D The cakes you have made for your kids will always be remembered with love :D Excellent job!!!!!

anna said...

Lovely looking cakes and your decorating skills are impressive.I have throughly enjoyed all your posts and can't wait for more.Could you post the recipe for fruitcake for your christmas post.It looks really moist and decadent and I'd like to try it especially since it is my family's favourite.Thanks.

Dharm said...

Would love to hear how it went. My daughter's birthday is this Sunday so I'm cracking my head now figuring what to do!

Would sure love to see your cakes. The hula Girls sound fantastic!

thanks for the compliment. The Fruit Cake is my Mom's recipe and SHE made it with a little help from me and my wife. So I will need to go and get it from her - that's why I didnt post the recipe originally, NOT because I dont want to share!!

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Those are fantastic cakes Dharm! Well done!

Cynthia said...


marye said...

you never cease to amaze me, Dharm.


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