Friday, 18 January 2008

Christmas Tradition - Cake for the Godparents

Another one of the traditions that have sprung up in recent years is the giving of a cake to my son's Godparents and their 3 lovely daughters for Christmas. Each year I try and make something different although there is normally some semblance of chocolate in the cake! Everyone loves chocolate!

In 2006, I made a Rehrucken Cake and that was actually one of the first pictures I posted on this blog. For Christmas just past, (i.e. Christmas 2007) I decided to make a Chocolate Rum Log - taking inspiration from the Daring Bakers Challenge of a Yule Log. I had also made a similar log for my own family in 2006 but as usual, I tried to improve on it.

The Chocolate Rum Log I made was basically my Chocolate Cake recipe but infused with a lot of rum. For the icing, I added some Dark Chocolate to my usual icing recipe together with a substantial amount of rum. I baked the cake in a log pan I have that also has a thinner, smaller pan for the branches. I then cut a diagonal off the larger log and placed it on top as the knot of the large branch.

Again, taking inspiration from the DB Challenge, I made Marzipan Mushrooms and placed them all over the log before dusting the log with snow powder.

I saved a tiny piece of the smaller branch and I thought the rum in the cake combined with the dark chocolate (and more rum) in the icing made this an exceptioanally tasty cake!


glamah16 said...

Hats off to you for attempting this again. I love the rum flavor.

KJ said...

You have a logged shaped pan!!!!! So cool. That must be the ultimate cooking accessory.

Your cake looks lovely. Very impressive.

Cynthia said...

Dharm, I like the new look, very clean and elegant, the white bacground really shows up the food.

Lydia said...

With rum in the cake and icing, that sounds like a very potent cake! It definitely looks like the traditional buche de noel.


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