Saturday, 17 November 2007

Knee Deep in Cakes.....

Yeah, this past week has been cakes, cakes cooking and more cakes!
After finishing my grandmother's cake on Saturday, I made Brownies for my son to take to kindy on Tuesday for a fancy dress party they held. Then his Birthday was yesterday, 15 November and I made him a Chocolate Cake to take to kindergarten to cut and share with his friends and teachers.

Last night, I made him a Pasta dish and then this evening I baked his 'fancy-smancy' Birthday cake to cut tomorrow at his 'party'. I haven't finished decorating it yet though but I'm going to leave that till tomorrow. So I really feel like I'm knee deep in cakes.

I guess I should also explain why I say "party in inverted commas". Well, this is simply because we had decided that we were NOT going to throw him a party this year. I would make a nice cake for him to cut and we would just cut it among ourselves. However, dear old Michael insisted that his grandparents come along as well. Then he asked if his cousins could come. To cut along story short, we are having quite a few people over BUT we are not throwing a party and we are NOT cooking loads and loads of food like we normally do.

There is his cake of course, and the lovely wife is making fruit tarts. More like the shells coz the custard part is my job. We've also ordered some fried noodles while the lovely wife and I are planning on making currypuffs as well. There's really no telling what else we may decide to cook tomorrow, but tomorrow is another day, so I'm going to get a good nights sleep and think about the cake and everything else tomorrow.........

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Cynthia said...

Gosh Dharm, you sound so busy and you are indeed knee deep in cakes :) Good thing the lovely wife there to help you.


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