Friday, 31 August 2007

Apple Pie and a new Camera

Last weekend, we were supposed to be somewhere to do something but the kids were really tired and as a result Highly Cranky! I decided to go alone to do the something somewhere and while I was away, the lovely wife took it upon herself to cheer up the kids with some of her fabulous Apple Pie.

The kids were still in the Ratatouille (the movie and not the food) mood and so they decided to decorate the pie using our cookie cutters for the leftover dough. In case you can't figure it out, the top most figure is a mouse while the bottom is a heart. Thus you get Mice Cheese Love. Don't ask me why my wife didn't put it in the proper order of Mice Love Cheese but I'm sure there is a logical explanation that involves the bright ideas of two wide eyed kids!

Anyway, the smell of luscious Apple Pie greeted me as I walked back into the house and the crankiness of the two kids had loooong disappeared. It's amazing how the promise of dessert - and especially Apple Pie - can act as comfort food.

The pie was supposed to sit to rest for about an hour or so but the impatient, beady little eyes of the Apple Pie Vultures caused us to cut the pie almost as soon as it was out of the oven. I must say it was certainly delicious.

The next day, we were out shopping and I decided I was going to buy myself a new camera! Yes, I had had my own beady little eyes on a Digital SLR for the longest time. After using my trusty Canon Powershot S30 for amost 6 years, and having wanted an SLR for almost 25 years, I finally decided I was going to splurge and get myself the Canon EOS 400D. Yeah, say what you want, but I have a soft spot for the Canon.

So I brought home the 400D and decided I was going to test it out straight away on another slice of Apple Pie. That way, I also got to have another piece on the excuse that I was actually just testing out the camera. I should have used the same plate setting but I was really just too lazy. So these are pics with the New Camera.

I think it makes a world of difference having a good camera and I'm hoping my photos will improve tremendously. Or maybe I'll just have to accept that I need to hone my skills a lot more and it's really not the camera that is causing bad pictures......

Whatever it is, I loved my wife's Apple Pie and I love my new Camera!


slush said...

My husbands fav dessert is apple pie, and shamefully, I never make it. And admittedly, I am afraid of making one. Why? I have no flipping idea!! Peeling all the apples, getting the spices right, fear of disappointing him? All of the above probably.

However, your apple pie looks fabulous! YUMM!

marye said...

So your wife cooks AND you cook? That is just not fair..My husband can cook...umm..he can cook...umm....he can cook really good....COFFEE. Yep he makes AWESOME coffee.
The pie looks wonderful and the camera is truly an enviable aquisition..and I have NOT forgotten about the you-know...chipotle. :)

Meeta said...

I am a Nikon girls myself and ever since I invested in a DSLR last year I have never looked back. I wish you all the luck with the new phase in photography Dharm.

As for the apple pie - it's just the way it goes - kids cranky mummy needs to bring the moods back up again. But it's true my 5 year old loves cooking and baking too. Give your wife a huge hug from me she did a great job on the pie and on the gloomy moods.


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