Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Formula One Cake

Made this cake for my son's Fifth Birthday. The first '3-D' cake I ever made. Was a lot of work but the result was worth the effort.


Anonymous said...


I want to make one of these for my Husband's birthday. Can you give me a little info on what you used to make the car?


Dharm said...

This was the early days of my bloggin so I just posted the picture. Later on, I explained in detail how to make this cake in a post I wrote for The Daily Tiffin.
This is the link

Anonymous said...

I will have to make it Mclaren colors :) I will send you a pic when I get done. Thanks for sharing. I try to think that I am a 3D cake maker as well. Luckily my children are young enough to think I do a good job. Thanks for the inspiration! -Anne


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