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Friday, 9 March 2012

Boozy Cheesy Cherry Cake

Many weeks ago - in January - one of our good friends, Elison, celebrated her birthday and we invited her over for dinner together with another good friend, Lynn. I've mentioned before that Eli is a great cook who also has very high standards so I'm always a bit nervous when baking a cake for her - especially her birthday cake!

The Lovely Wife suggested that I do something different instead of always going down the route of chocolate. I considered making her my Chocolate Trifle that she adores but then decided to try and dazzle her with something new.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Salmon with Cream Cheese rollups

I'm still very late and trying to play catch up! It's a good thing that I haven't been that busy in the kitchen so I don't have a whole lot of backlog as catching up is bad enough as it is!

So, what do you make for an appetiser when you have some smoked salmon in your fridge? I got a package of smoked salmon from my mom. Someone had given it to her and she thought I would put it to better use as well as enjoy it more. The Lovely Wife and the kids enjoyed one package with some Pasta I threw together and then I used the next package for this appetiser when Lynn and Ms Lor Siak Por came over for dinner back in January (Yes, I'm that Late! Late I tell you, Late! )

Ms LSP had heard about the Roast Pork I made for Christmas and 'demanded' that I make her the same. Now Ms LSP makes a wicked Roast Pork herself albeit the Chinese type (Siew Yoke) so I had to make sure that at least the appetiser would be something special. Smoked Salmon is always special in itself but when rolled with cream cheese and dill - ah, even more special!

This appetiser is really easy to do although the rolling can be a little cumbersome. Not that difficult really. This is what I did:

200g Smoked Salmon slices
125g Cream Cheese
75ml Whipping Cream
Two large handfulls Dill
Black Pepper
Whip Cheese till soft. Add in the whipping cream and continue beating till light and fluffy. Season with dill and black pepper. Spread the salmon with the cheese mix and then roll up. Cut into bit size pieces and place on a plate. Pipe in remaining cheese mixture into the salmon rollups till full. Place a caper on top. Sprinkle with more black pepper and keep in fridge till ready to serve.

Once cut, plated and sprinkled with pepper, the Salmon Rolls actually looked very presentable. They were bite size and very easy to eat and the creamy cheese offset the smoked saltiness of the Salmon.

As I said, a very easy yet delicious dessert and something that tastes as good as it looks!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Crostini - Christmas 2011

Carrying on with my posts on Christmas Eve dinner 2011....

Whoever said appetisers had to be complicated? I wanted something simple, tasty and easy to make and their is nothing simpler and tasty than crostini.

Crostini, which actually means "little toasts" in Italian is an Italian appetizer consisting of small slices of grilled or toasted bread and toppings. The best thing with crostini is that you can use whatever topping you want.

I had some Mozzarella cheese in the freezer that was nearing its use by date and that was what prompted me to use it for this appetizer. I decided to keep it simple although The Lovely Wife suggested a variety of toppings. I got some nice baquettes from our local bakery and cut it up into slices. Then I fried up some bacon and mushrooms, topped it with mozzarrella cheese and then placed a sliced tomato on top. This was then grilled in the oven till the bread was slightly crisp and the cheese had melted. Simple but very tasty. My parents enjoyed this very much as a starter coupled with some crisp white wine while the kids wanted seconds.

Me? I could eat these all day long.....


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