Sunday, 16 June 2013

Father's Day 2013

It's Father's Day morning here in Malaysia. I know not all countries celebrate Father's Day on the same day. After waking up, the kids surprised me with a 3 presents, brought in one by one for me to open. Each one had a card on it and this was the sequence.

DADS - yes, we all know that the kids call me Dads with an 's'. A gift of Arnotts Teddy Bear Biscuits and Snickers Bars - my favourites! And the card says : Happy Father's Day to the most awesome Dads!

How sweet is that.

Next up was this:

A set of ceramic baking beans for me to use to Bake Blind. Lots of times I complain about having to use rice or red beans to line the pastry to bake blind. Now I have reusable ceramic baking beans! The card reads: Ur Cakes Rock, love Michael and Sarah.

The Third gift was this, from The Lovely Wife.

Its a special grater to grate chocolate into curls. The attached card reads: Happy Father's Day to my favourite Chef.

Awwww, so, so sweet the kids and The Lovely Wife are.

Put all the cards together, and you get

Dads, Baker, Chef - the title of this blog!! Now how truly awesome is that!

Happy Father's Day to everyone!!


Foodycat said...

Oh, I've been wanting a microplane grater for ages! Your kids have good taste!

Laura Tackitt - Online PhD said...

This is so sweet. I have been looking for a chocolate grader for such a long time. I have never seen ceramic beans before. It looks like you had a successful Father’s Day.


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