Friday, 19 February 2010

H20pe for Haiti - a BloggerAid initiative

Malaysia is far removed geographically from the events happening in Haiti and sometimes we are too caught up with our own internal problems that we fail to see the hardship that other people are faced with. All we hear or know about Haiti is what we read in the newspapers - and it is all rather tragic.

From Sunday, February 21 - Sunday, February 28th, BloggerAid Changing the Face of Famine (BA-CFF) will be launching H2Ope for raise funds for Concern Worldwide's relief effort in Haiti. This is in the form of an Online Raffle.

For more information on how YOU can make a difference, click on this link:

Feel free to publish this on your blog as well. Haiti needs all the help it can get...

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Bellini Valli said...

It promises to be a fun week with some great prizes Dharm. Thank you so much for letting your readers know. The devastation in Haiti is horrific and if we can help even a little in the long term we will be happy.


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