Saturday, 18 August 2007

Feeling lazy after Ratatouille - so it's Lamb Chops

We all went to watch Ratatouille this morning! My wife had bought tickets last night and we went to watch the movie at 11am down at KLCC. The kids were excited and even more so to take their sweaters along. Yeap, the air-conditioning can get a tad bit chilly in the cinema. It was a really fun movie and we all had a really good time!
After the movie, the kids were tired and so were we. I was especially tired as I had woken up early to do this months Daring Baker's challenge. Anyway, after the movie, we popped into the Supermarket and I decided to buy some Lamb Shoulder chops for dinner.
The chops were lightly marinated with garlic, ginger, black pepper, some soy soyce and HP sauce and then slowly baked in the oven. I stir fried some mushrooms with loads of garlic as well coz in this household, mushrooms are almost obligatory. Then I quickly stir fried some zuchinnis and made some more Herbed Rice. This time, I added some pine nuts and turmeric to the rice so it turned out slightly nutty and with a nice yellow colour.
So that was the nice simple meal tonight. Not much work but yet a lot of satisfied faces. The kids especially liked thelamb as well as the rice and mushrooms - but we all know how much they like mushrooms!
Maybe, just like in the movie, my kids will one day eat something at a restuarant that will bring back memories of the food their Daddy used to lovingly cook for them........

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