Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Christmas 2006

Another Christmas is over and the kids had a load of fun!

As usual, I baked the Chocolate Cakes (4 of them!) for our Christmas party. The 'hole' at the bottom left of the cake just shows my laziness as the cakes are served cut so no one would know anyway!

Chocolate Cake

For a change, I also whipped up some Brownies and served them stacked up like a Christmas tree. My wife got the idea from watching a Nigella Lawson episode.

Chocolate Brownies

I also made a Chocolate Log that turned out to be quite delicious...

Chocolate Log

And finally a Chocolate Rehrucken for my son's Godparents.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Chocolate Rehrucken

1 comment:

Nisha said...

that was SUPER yum! especially since YOU made it! :P


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